180/365: foxy flowers

Nature’s warning signs - beautiful, intoxicating and bewitching.

To see the deep purple, click here.

179/365: waiting for the crows

Amidst the freshly-cut grass, out popped a scarecrow (full of courage). To see the warmth of British Summer Time, please click on my Flickr album link here.

178/365: spirit time

‘These objects were made for magicians to use in stage entertainments that imitated public séances. The clock would be spun and mysteriously land on the predicted hour and the spirit bell would chime in unison. The lock could open itself while disembodied rapping hands tapped out mysterious messages.’

Peering into a cabinet of curiosities at the ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic’ exhibition at the Wellcome Collection London. To see the image in colour and more, please click on my Flickr photostream link here.

176/365: high rise

And the train whisked us across into the urban heart of the land, where suddenly a different kind of giant dominated the sky. To feel the concrete warmth, click here.

175/365: layers and layers

The interaction of stone, algae/cyanobacteria and plants. There’s a microcosm to discover when you take the time to look up close. To see the richness of colours (as well as textures), please click on my Flickr photostream link here.

171/365: jetlag

Capturing the peace of sleep in a monochrome moment.

To be immersed in beige and white, please click here,