242/365: a fire in the forest

4 year old Harry examined the natural materials on the table with a kaleidoscope viewfinder.

“There are fireballs. They keep firing into the trees," he announced.

“Do you know, they’re cutting all the trees down in the jungle? There’s fire, and all the animals are about to die."

"Can we save the jungle and the animals?" I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said sadly.

Then he began to act out his solution, using the kaleidoscope tube as a hose to put the fire out. He found a large wooden block and then told me seriously, “There’s a waterfall… here… yes. But there’s no more water.”

He pointed to a silver bauble on the table: “That makes all fireballs. You shouldn’t have that in here as it makes real fireballs.”

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