Surprise, Surprise!

Just a quick one.... am loading up some pictures taken from half-term 'Surprise, Surprise' workshops this week, taken at Manchester Art Gallery.

We responded to Max Ernst's 'Petrified City' and asked families to play surrealist word games in front of the painting in the gallery. We also asked them to try out Ernst's frottage (rubbing) technique before creating a surrealist 'chance' composition in the studios...

Families' interpretations of the 'Petrified City' were fascinating! Here are some of their surreal, poetic responses:

It's a ritz cracker

Like a piano


It's a full fat piece of cheese for the people playing multiple chess games underneath 

It's a cloud falling onto a dolls' house

It feels smooth

People watching a football match

I like this picture because it looks like a town with a sunset in Bedouin Land! Warm!


The moon revealed happy thoughts from the castle as it glistened in the sky

The hill was filled with petrifying memories as the destruction of the moon howled

Junk and horrible stories clattered together as they steadily expressed hopes that never came true 


The warm moon is lighting up the trains and the city

The icy sun makes the world dark in the country


The sun warms my heart in this warm picture

The water freezes in my brain

The fire burns in my eye


The bright moon shone over the fast trains that were passing underneath

The dull sun lacked light underneath the slow trains that were stopping overhead

The glaring moon bellowed out its glorious light at the speeding trains that were shooting past below


To see Max Ernst talk about the frottage technique, click on the link:

More work (Facebook):