Playing with Cameras, Light and Colour

I've just finished an ace project working with a nursery from a school in North Manchester. Our focus was on promoting speaking and listening and creative development through art workshops and an identified key theme. 

My focus or theme was initially photography, which then became broader as we began to consider the basic principles behind photography such as light, dark, colour, reflection and refraction. We also used key artworks and studio spaces at Manchester Art Gallery to further explore light and shadow, positive and negative. Children were also given cameras to use throughout the project to record their experiences and their language and observations were recorded throughout. 

Here are some of the things they got up to:

-Focusing on taking photos in indoor and outdoor spaces in their school.

-Projecting different objects, drawings, materials

-Exploring shiny materials and reflections

-Spending time focusing on drawing Antony Gormley's sculpture 'Filter' at Manchester Art Gallery

-Exploring positives and negatives through paper and projections

We packed a lot of activity into a few days and we're hoping to create a blog about the wider project too (3 artists, 3 different groups!). I'll shout out when the gallery blog goes live!