162/365: lion city

When the lion came to town (in miniature). Please click here for the coloured version.

158/365: documenting play

Journeys of marks, lines and colour exploration form a visual document or ‘map’ of play! To see the colour, click here.

106/365: future transport hub

We’ve been busy in the studio again today! To see the future “airport” in colour and to read the description, click on my Flickr link here.

105/365: the sanctuary

4 year old Oskar worked with the clay to form it into a tall pile which he shaped into "a mountain".

"The animals live on the mountain," he told us. "It's a wildlife reserve."

He found sticks to embed into the clay. "These are the cannons," he decided. "These are to stop the bad guys from killing the animals."

To see the image in colour, click on my Flickr photostream link here.

101/365: the bike track

I sat with some children in the atelier today and asked them to draw what was important at school. Most of them connected to the outdoor spaces: “the swings”, “butterflies”, “the swinging tyre”, “the tunnel” and this boy Shaurya drew himself and his friends “at the bike track”.

To see the coloured version, click here.

100/365: day's end

Sometimes the most relaxing thing you can do after a long, active day in the studio is put your feet up against the wall and stare at a dark landscape print by Fachrudin Malik. For the warmer, coloured version, click here.