105/365: the sanctuary

4 year old Oskar worked with the clay to form it into a tall pile which he shaped into "a mountain".

"The animals live on the mountain," he told us. "It's a wildlife reserve."

He found sticks to embed into the clay. "These are the cannons," he decided. "These are to stop the bad guys from killing the animals."

To see the image in colour, click on my Flickr photostream link here.

080/365: children take over

The children have been at it again as they take over the Atelier floor to make a giant map installation! To see the colour version, click here.

Building a Light Atelier

Time is flying! I am still in Singapore developing daily collaborative art inquiry sessions in the pre-school each day.

As part of my daily - weekly schedule, I have been working with the school librarian, Rachel Zeng, to develop a light atelier space in the school. This space is designed to extend and support inquiries into the International Baccauleareate (IB) PYP transdisciplinary themes such as Who We Are, How the World Works, How We Express Ourselves. As both Rachel and I work alongside different classes to support their units of inquiry each day,  we are also continuing to develop and expand an immersive light space to extend children's learning as they explore the light space beyond their classroom. Here, the light atelier serves its purpose as a multi-functioning space, where children play sensorily, imaginatively and investigatively with light, reflection, refraction, colour-mixing, patterns, sound, role-play, construction. We are continuing to expand and document the project, so it's great to have a space that we can experiment with too!

Atelierista (Artist-in Residence) in Singapore!

I will be taking time out of freelance work in the UK, due to a new project role working as an Atelierista (Artist-in-Residence) at EtonHouse International Research Pre-School, 718 Mountbatten Road, Singapore.

The role will hopefully extend from my previous experiences developing atelier learning environments in both local children's centres/ schools and galleries in the north of England over the past 11 years. I will also be familiarising myself with both the Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum framework and PYP International Baccalaureate programme, while at the same time using the Reggio Emilia approach as the inspiration, particularly within the context of the role of the atelierista and the environment as third teacher.

I will be embedded within the school, collaborating with each classroom team to provide meaningful and intentional creative learning experiences both in the atelier and also throughout different shared spaces within the school grounds! Unfortunately, I won't be able to blog about much of my atelier experiences here, but I will hopefully be negotiating a way to make the atelier learning experiences 'visible' elsewhere on the EtonHouse website.

For now, though, the pictures above provide a peek into my new workspace!