We Face Forward - 'Rags to Riches' @Manchester Art Gallery, Part 2

Round Two!

These pictures were taken in the ‘Rags to Riches’ summer family workshops at Manchester Art Gallery as part of the We Face Forward festival across Manchester.

Further inspired by Nnenna Okore’s artwork ‘When the Heavens Meet the Earth’, we decided to take all of the newspaper transformations made by families in the exhibition and connected them together to form this beautiful paper installation in Studio 2. The light, shadow and music by Jali really added to the atmosphere to make a calm, peaceful and captivating space - popular with young and old alike!









Playing with Paper: The Hepworth Wakefield

Here are some lovely pictures taken from weekend 2 of my paper workshop at the Hepworth this weekend, working alongside sculptor Liz Pontin:

Artigami! Enjoy!




We Face Forward - Print workshop at the Gallery of Costume, Platt Fields, Manchester

I had a lovely time yesterday working at the Gallery of Costume, creating prints inspired by 'We Face Forward's' photos from the Mali Photography Archive. Workshop participants spent some time looking at and drawing photos to get ideas for patterns and prints before doing some simple but effective mono-printing and block printing. It was also great to work to live music being performed in the gallery. Thanks to the volunteers for their hard work! [gallery columns="2"]

Tomorrow, there's more fun to be had at Manchester Art Gallery's 'Junk Palace' - an open-ended exploration of materials creating journey necklaces, accessories and an installation space (responding to the work of Pascale Marthine Tayou).






'Scenic Sketching' with Nichola Pemberton

I had a sunny Sunday in the Hepworth Wakefield studio working with artist Nichola Pemberton on 'Scenic Sketches' (2D-3D) - turning the studio floor into a giant 3D sketch, whilst also doing some string drawing on the windows. The workshop encouraged participants to be inspired by the landscape/cityscape out of the window and have fun experimenting with 2D and 3D lines and forms. It was another busy weekend and, alas, there was no time for any outdoor adventures whilst the sun was out. Fortunately, Sir David Chipperfield had the insight to position the studios so that the windows faced the path of the afternoon sun. The studios were filled with light and the work was fully illuminated!

The Hepworth Wakefield: http://www.hepworthwakefield.org/

'Imagine' Weekend - Surrealist Chance Compositions

It's that time of the month again and I've had a great weekend working at Manchester Art Gallery with artist and film-maker Jessica Wild on our joint venture - interpreting surrealist artwork through sound, composition and montages!

Taking Max Ernst's 'Petrified City' and other surrealist artworks in the permanent collection as the starting point, we invited families to embrace random collage-making and chance... on vinyl. Families were invited to create their own collage compositions on records which would, in turn, interfere with the way the stylus moved around the groove. Families could play the records to discover how their colourful collages created unique 'chance' sound compositions.

Families were also invited to create weird and wonderful photo-montages using the record covers to cut 'n' paste . Check out some of the cool and crazy artwork (above).

The message here is embrace the random and let your imagination wander, whilst developing a unique soundtrack for the artworks in the Modern & Contemporary gallery!

Vid clip uploads coming soon....