Off the Grid & Loop the Loop

I've just come out of the dark after running Baby Art Club with musician Najia Bagi today at Manchester Art Gallery. Our session took inspiration from a highly abstract, geometric artwork Rotterdam Relief by Toby Paterson.

As in all art club sessions, I invited babies and adults to come up to the gallery first, to see our starting point for ideas. We headed up to the Sculptural Forms exhibition and spent time looking and exploring straight and loopy lines through massage, movement and soft materials!

Then it was down for our linear inspired installation in the dark, with a bit of an urban, disco-twist! Artist Toby Paterson's work is inspired by cityscapes, architecture, uncluttered lines and moving from 2D to 3D. We wanted to reflect this through our choice of materials to explore touch, light, sound and music in a shiny, enclosed installation space!

Feedback showed that adults enjoyed the activity upstairs in the gallery as it gave them the confidence to find 'a way in' to understanding abstract artworks. They were also impressed by the range of objects, materials and spaces to explore within the installation as their babies focused on lights, textured lines, rustling materials, tingling triangles and all things shiny and noisy!