Flickr Upload: Art Islands in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan... and more

Spending over a month in Japan this summer, we decided to go off the beaten track a little and visit the lesser-known large island of Shikoku. From Takamatsu we also took a mesmerising boat trip over to Naoshima, the celebrated art island with contemporary art galleries and art house trails which have all been interwoven into the fabric of sleepy fishing villages. Staying there for a few nights, rather than rushing through like most, allowed us to absorb the peace of the islands as we explored every pathway, nook and cranny!

As always, I have been documenting my travels in order to capture the atmosphere of landscapes, seascapes and village life, juxtaposed with quirky, site specific art pieces and the colours, textures, shadows and figures captured within. I have uploaded a small fraction of images out of the 2000+ taken, so please feel free to have a look by clicking at my Flickr site. Pictures from my recent trips to Japan can be found here and here. Enjoy!



Setouchi Art Festival:

Benesse House, Naoshima:

The Art House Project: