Studio Sketchbook

Since 2008 I've created, developed and led Mini Art Club: a space for families with young children to explore themes connected to artwork and exhibitions at Manchester Art Gallery. Each session incorporates an exploratory activity within a selected gallery space, followed by further creative activities in two specially designed installation spaces in the education studios. I'm also really pleased to welcome and work with a great team of volunteer installation assistants from a local mental health charity, who work with me each month to develop, set up and deliver MAC.

For the latest MAC installations please see the pictures above. Over the past three months we have focused on a child-centred, family-friendly response to the current Sensory War exhibition. Keywords in planning, activities and session themes were: post-war construction, city features, architecture, maps, movement and journeys. 

You can also read my Studio Sketchbook blog post here. Also, for more pictures, check out my album on Manchester Art Gallery's Flickr site.

Many thanks to Jess, Brian, Ted and Stephanie for all your ongoing help and support with MAC!