Building a Light Atelier

Time is flying! I am still in Singapore developing daily collaborative art inquiry sessions in the pre-school each day.

As part of my daily - weekly schedule, I have been working with the school librarian, Rachel Zeng, to develop a light atelier space in the school. This space is designed to extend and support inquiries into the International Baccauleareate (IB) PYP transdisciplinary themes such as Who We Are, How the World Works, How We Express Ourselves. As both Rachel and I work alongside different classes to support their units of inquiry each day,  we are also continuing to develop and expand an immersive light space to extend children's learning as they explore the light space beyond their classroom. Here, the light atelier serves its purpose as a multi-functioning space, where children play sensorily, imaginatively and investigatively with light, reflection, refraction, colour-mixing, patterns, sound, role-play, construction. We are continuing to expand and document the project, so it's great to have a space that we can experiment with too!