Expressions of Emotion

Yesterday I went to the opening of Expressions of Emotion: an exhibition of work produced by young people from Liverpool CAMHS at Tate Liverpool. Young people from across the Liverpool CAMHS network worked with different artists over the course of a six week summer project to explore different artistic processes, focussing on mental health through different themes such as indoors/outdoors, emotions, objects, light and colour, working with different artists each week.

I worked with the young people to explore abstract, expressive mark-making, taking inspiration from the Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots exhibition. We translated 'expressive action marks' into experimental light drawings, movement, projections and photography. You can see an image that documents this above, along with some other images of the different ways the group worked with other artists each week. It was lovely to be a part of the project and meet an inspiring group of young people. I am now rather thoughtful about how I translate ideas and my own interests and art practice to engage and co-create with others in different environments.