259/365: out of the tunnel

Coming out of the darkness and into the light. It’s all lines, curves, shadows, angles, mirrors and self-portraits!

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251/365: animal kingdom

Another day, hanging out with young children in dark, shadowy, immersive spaces, telling stories..

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249/365: through the wonky zig zags

In the kitsch interior at the Pelangi Hotel, there’s fun to be had through the angular curtains.

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231/365: the sneaky getaway

A window reveals a possible sneaky getaway. Out pours the light as a possible accomplice.

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219/365: dramatic suspense

Night time is the best time for objects to shine.

Waiting for the buzzer to ring… and so a story begins…

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139/365: green giant

The most reliable and peaceful place to shelter in the sweltering midday sun (in Bangkok). Save our trees!

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096/365: my own private light show

The morning sunlight snuck through the gap in the curtain and danced on the wall - my own private light show. To see a warmer version, please click here.