It's reflection time! Here are some pictures from my July and August sessions in the Clore Art Studio. They show some crafty ways we've been working with small geometric-shaped mirrors in addition to the coloured paper shapes and plinths in the Clore!

Another Dimension

I've just had a fun afternoon in the new Clore Art Studio at Manchester Art Gallery. How time flies! Our installation has been taken down and the space has been re-developed by artist Sarah Bridgland. Sarah exhibited two beautiful artworks in the First Cut exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery in 2012. She has since developed ideas to create a space where people can engage and interact with her process and practice. The work also makes connections to influences within the new neighbouring Sculptural Forms exhibition.

As part of the new installation, plinths of modulated heights are arranged in a grid formation. In the centre of the grid, a table with compartments of different coloured, paper shapes can be taken out by visitors and endlessly placed and composed upon the plinths.

Studio Saturdays invites different artists such as myself to pop in and create an intervention which relates to our own interests and practice. My intervention (pictured above) is mirrored shapes and cameras and I'm particularly interested in how this can alter the way people arrange their compositions and also document them, as the mirror opens up a new world of reflections, symmetry and oppositions. The mirror also provides further opportunities for the imagination as younger visitors place it in their composition as a portal to a mirror-image world. In this world, things may seem alike, although appearances can be deceptive! 

'Imagine' Weekend - Playing with Cameras

Here's a selection of ace photos taken by people who took part in my 'Imagine' session at Manchester Art Gallery this weekend - playing with cameras, mirrors, angles, etc. Each month the session aims to encourage families to experiment with a chosen theme or 'material of the month' in a gallery space. In this case, the starting point was in the atrium - a light, airy space filled with views inside and out, tiles, shapes, patterns and plenty of things for a camera lens to focus on. Those who took part were set on a mission to capture some inventive shots!

Can you guess what's in the picture? Can you also guess the age of the photographer of each photo?

BTW, a great big THANK YOU to Rob Blundell, Emily Songhurst and Grace Sutcliffe for all your help and bright ideas!

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