Chalk and Children

I have placed a large chalkboard outside my atelier (in the shade) and everyday I find little scribbles and surprises from the children.

The chalkboard is a great place for the children to meet new friends as they hide here out of the hot Singapore sun. It's also a great surface for mark-making, exploring lines, colour, materials and movement. Some of the children work independently, giving form to an idea, memory or story. Others work together as they practise writing letters, their name, numbers or sums. I've heard quite a few stories being told and acted out as the marks grow. The children also like to talk about and draw the people who are important to them. Then they take delight in wiping everything out - smudging the chalk or washing and 'painting' the board with water.

Cleaning up with brushes and water is always an entertaining way to cool down and also wipe away any secrets!