209/365: back alley door

A return to the mysterious, grey alley round the corner (and this time with a burst of sunlight on the bottom step). To see a different shade of grey, please click here.

191/365: until the next time

Au revoir Mcr.

The monochrome perfectly captures another grey day in the rainy city.

To see ‘run(a)way greens’ click here.

159/365: shadow walk

Inside the grey grid - a moment of gravity and suspension. To see it in colour, click here.

157/365: liquid silver

A quick stop to stare out at the eerie water world in front of me and then click…

Click again to see it in in pastel at my Flickr photostream here.

153/365: interplanetary daydream

Gazing out the window, I slipped into a daydream.

The raindrops turned into wet comets streaking across the landscape.

For the coolness of the moment, you can also click here.

141/365: darkness creeps in

The clouds close in to create a moody monochrome shot. For more images in colour, please click on my Flickr link here.

122/365: rain catcher

After the rain, a new lush world in nature is revealed. To see it in shades of green, please click on my Flickr photostream link here,

112/365: no.55 (grey day)

A mysterious door (in an alleyway) that I have never entered… to see a warmer shade of grey, please click here.

090/365: wash day

And what a day to hang out the washing (with heavy rain, thunder and lightning to follow). To see a hint of colour, please click on my Flickr photostream link here.