238/365: lighting up the world

Yuna and Shanaya responded to the invitation to consider how we can organise and compose spaces. They carefully arranged items tiles, metal rings, glass beads and silver balls on a circular wooden board which turned into “houses” and the “sea”. Then they turned “the lights on so that people can see everything in the world”.

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232/365: macrocosm

Everything contained in the palm of a hand - a reflective moment on a balcony…

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222/365: the edge of day

Capturing the moment before falling off the edge of consciousness..

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216/365: the blue sky house

A bright, yet faded wall of a house caught my eye as I wandered down another alley. At the same time, I was intrigued by the resourceful D.I.Y. use of materials where function is considered over form.

Somehow this creates a uniquely charming, local aesthetic.

To see the vibrance of blue, white and green contrasting with rusty metal fittings, click here.

202/365: me in pieces

An exploration of the looking glasses (through the eyes of a camera).

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200/365: the bigger picture

And there I was again, peering into a window of the Beitou Public Library admiring the doodles and views inside and out. To see the scene in colour, click here.