Flickr Uploads - Photographic Tendencies

I've just been reviewing my year in Flickr photos. I have had my Flickr account since 2006, although various hard drives and shoe boxes are crammed full of images I've taken throughout my life. What a peculiar exhibition that would make!

Basically, the rule is there is no rule. I like to have my camera near to me when I go out for walks, etc. and shoot subjects/objects of interest whenever I feel the urge.

Here's my take on this photographic habit I have developed:

"I like to sow seeds for story-making and ideas, capturing traces of activity, movement, shadows, lights, blurs, figures, etc. I also like to respond to emotive landscapes and provoke curiosity when snapping strange details or interesting objects. I create intriguing titles to add another layer of meaning to the image. The words/titles work in relation to the images and at times the viewer must work to understand the connection. The photographic image is not neutral, nor is it a document of factual evidence. Rather it forms a gateway into a more subjective, super-imposed reality, which emphasises a particular observation, mood, emotion or personal response."

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