Toddlers' Choice: Whitworth Collections Centre Exhibition

This summer I worked with families with young children in the Whitworth Atelier to find out what their preferences were to viewing artworks taken from the Whitworth's art collection. Having drawn up a longlist with EY Learning Coordinator Lucy Turner and curators Amy George and Frances Pritchard, sample images of wallpapers and textiles were presented on a wall in the atelier over a number of weeks, for participants to choose their favourites. Weekly activity in the atelier also corresponded with an identified visual theme for each group of images (such as linear, geometric patterns; monochrome patterns and silhouettes; fruit and floral patterns; lines, weaving and movement).

The artworks selected by participants are now on display in the Toddlers' Choice exhibition in the Whitworth's Collections Centre. It's really great as some lovely examples of the children's artworks made in the atelier this summer can be viewed alongside collection artworks in the exhibition. You can also view a short film about the process made by filmmaker Jess Wild from Wild Bees. Today we officially opened our exhibition with an Art Party (preview) in the 'atelier of tastes'.

To take a closer look at the toddlers' choices ,  you can access images, as catalogued by the Whitworth curators. You can also follow my new Diary of an Atelierista blog on tumblr for more information, under the username the-scribble-kid. Finally, here's a glimpse of the exhibition below.

The Fabric of the Land: Porto Patterns

I've been going through my old photo archives and found some eye candy. Last autumn, I visited Porto and began to spot some pleasing patterns hidden in ornate wall tiles, mosaic floors, fancy iron railings, shadows, colourful murals and artful grafitti. I decided to trawl through the city and try to collect as many patterns as I could, some of which you can see here. It's no wonder it took me so long to go from A to B!

Flickr Upload: Turning Japanese!

After sorting through 1000-2000 photos, I've been busy editing and uploading some photos of a trip to Japan on my Flickr site . Click here to see my visual diary journeying through complimentary landscapes (urban, sea, lake and mountains). The pictures speak a thousand words....