No Fear

Looking back at some of my travel photos, I found this snapshot taken at the Dom Luis bridge in Oporto, Portugal last year. I love the way the jumper is suspended in time, legs and arms akimbo as he plummets into the deep, blue Rio Douro, while those on the bridge reveal a number of thoughts and expressions!

Many may think this was an incredibly risky or even stupid thing to do, but as we watched this lad and his friends make numerous jumps from the bridge, it was clear that they had worked out all the risks and figured out their escape route back up the rocks to repeat the jump over and over again. They clearly also seemed to enjoy the attention their actions were generating from the onlookers and tourists as they balanced on the steel beams before taking the leap of faith.

This for me sums up risk-taking up beautifully: where the environment forms the ultimate playground, where things are measured and tested out, where nerves are conquered and a sense of achievement is high. This is not to say we should all hurl ourselves off high bridges. However it does demonstrate the beauty of successfully taking risks!

Here's a lovely blogpost which echoes these sentiments, with more pictures (in Portuguese) here.