269/365: peekaboo (abstracted garden)

The window in the wall catches my eye as I walk past it everyday.

What lies behind it?

The shadows and lines add to the mystery - a grungy, crumbling facade hiding a secret garden, perhaps.

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267/365: hazy interior (imagined)

There is an illusion that the haze is only outside. We close the doors, turn the air con / air purifiers on and breathe. Yet still it seeps in. It’s in the air after all.

Here is my imagined hazy interior (photographed and edited). The haze know no boundaries.

Credits to the Balinese artist Malik for his intense ink drawing of a banyan tree (a symbol of this region and one of longevity or immortality).

To see a hazier, warmer version of this image, please click here.

265/365: hazy days are here again

A contemplative cycle as we stare out to sea, watching the transboundary haze roll in…

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263/365: life is better with green and blue

Glancing out at a little corner of the garden, I am struck by the beauty of green and blue - a necessity in our world.

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261/365: haze filter: grey sky thinking

A hazy shade of grey. There’s definitely no blue sky thinking here. The fires are raging in Sumatra and Borneo, the forests are burning, and the haze chokes us. Sigh - but try not to inhale (and don’t forget your haze mask).

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260/365: out of the tunnel

Coming out of the darkness and into the light. It’s all lines, curves, shadows, angles, mirrors and self-portraits!

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