Turner Monet Twombly: Inside Outside


For the 'Inside Outside' slideshow and sounds, click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michikofujii/sets/72157631311504422/

'Inside Outside' is a series of workshops I developed with artist Sarah Marsh. Inspired by the artworks from the Turner Monet Twombly exhibition at Tate Liverpool, England, Sarah and I developed a creative and experimental programme over four weeks in August.

Each week the workshop focused on a different season, connecting to key themes in the exhibition, such as the floating world, fire and water, the vital force, atmosphere and loss. The workshops also encouraged the exploration of colour palettes, textures and materials through different processes.

Each week the workshops offered opportunities for open-ended activity, the chance to add to an evolving artwork and also something to make and take home.

The views over the Mersey from the studio window formed a poetic connection with the watery worlds of Turner, Monet and Twombly as the light and atmosphere change dramatically throughout the day. The sound of the sea through speakers added another layer to this exploration of fluid landscapes, marks, colour and emotions.